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Jul. 1st, 2010 03:18 pm
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So I am finally in London! Yes, I am here and while I'm feeling a little sick (which meant I couldn't go to London today. Dang it!) I'm pretty settled. I had plane issues and it took around 36 hours from the time I got up Tuesday to the time I arrived at the dorm on Wednesday. If you want to read about these issues and more of my exciting summer in London, I started a blog. It's called London: The Epic Adventure and can be found at I'll be updating it fairly regularly during my stay here.

Take Care

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I am an impulsive and stupid girl-child sometimes. I have a disorder adversely affected by too much dairy, any red meat, any high fructose corn syrup, and a few other things. Usually, I'm pretty good when it comes to ice-cream and have maybe a half a cup, at the most. But today I had about half a pint of Ben and Jerry's Fossil Fuel. I told myself to stop but then I'd be like "Ooo look at the fudge dinosaur. I can have one more." "I want one last taste of brownie/fudge" or "There's not really enough to put back in the freezer. I'll just finish it". Maybe next time I go for that one extra bite, I'll remember the stomach pains it causes and stop myself
On another note, today I finished reading What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I enjoyed it to some degree, but it's not a book that will join my top favorites. I liked the verbal sparring between the two main characters and the very end. And a lot of the sex stuff was pretty tasteful for a romance book, but it was also a little awkward. The full review is under the cut. Beware of the spoilers it contains
What I Did For Love )
Take Care


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