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I feel so bad for neglecting my Dreamwidth journal. I haven't posted here in like six weeks and it saddens me. So here's the lowdown on what's been going on for the past month or so. I moved into my dorm, which is actually pretty sweet as far as dorm rooms go. Our bathroom is attached to the room and shared with just four girls (including myself) instead of an entire floor. We have a huge window and my bed fits in a little alcove-y space. This weekend when my parents visited we hung drapes so that when my roommate is still awake at night I can sleep without having light issues. And I bought a lamp so I can just live in the cave now, coming out occasionally for snacks and classes. I was sadly poster deficient when I first got here, so I also bought a bunch of posters. One of my favorites is the Procrastinator's creed. It has like ten rules of being a Procrastinator. "I believe anything worth doing would have been done already." "I shall never forget that the probability of a miracle, while infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero." and "I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind". I also have a Serenity poster (which is awesome) and a Blues Brothers poster that reminds me of my dad. The only real downside to my dorm (which is more a downside for other people, not so much for me) is the fact that our quiet hours start at nine in the evening and go until nine in the morning. So it's a really quiet study dorm, not so much of a party dorm.

Which is not to say we haven't had some fun events. The very first night here there was an ice-cream social and I stayed up until midnight, one in the morning, playing games with some of the people who live in the Edens/Higginson dorms. There's actually three dorms that all sort of hang out together. And my first Saturday here we had an 80's Night where everyone dressed up and had fun dancing and hanging out. Plus just last Saturday there was a Pre-Halloween dance with a chocolate fountain and all these fun spooky decorations. There was also a costume contest which was a lot of fun. The first Friday here there was a carnival for the entire campus which was awesome. There was a caricaturist and a face painter which was so much fun. All these thing have kept me pretty busy.

I also got involved in quite a few clubs, which take up quite a bit of time as well. On Wednesdays I have Harry Potter club, which is fan-freakin'-tastic! We are all divided into the houses and there's a house cup competition. You get points for bringing food to events, dressing up for parties, house teams winning games, playing Quidditch, etc. We've played Harry Potter Jeopardy which was actually super challenging. The questions were often obscure things and you had to have read the books to get most of it. Ravenclaw (my house) won that night because we're awesome and brilliant. We also had Nearly Headless Nick's Death Day party just last night, which I went as Tonks to. There was Telephone Pictionary, which ended up being really dirty in some cases and just plain bizarre in others (elephant bowling with Harry Potter's head for instance). We also played just plain Harry Potter Pictionary, which the Ravenclaws kicked ass at! We totally annihilated the competition. We had like 17 points where the next highest team only had 7. It rocked. On Thursday I have Glee club, which is actually doing singing and dancing like on Glee. We sang together for the first time on Tuesday and it was so good! This club has the potential to be really awesome. I also do Disney club on Thursdays. We started out as a Disney Karaoke club and then became a Disney Fan club. We've done a karaoke night and Halloween is going to be awesome. We're watching Nightmare Before Christmas and carving pumpkins in the afternoon. Then we're going to dress up and trek across campus singing Disney songs and throwing out candy. I can't wait. Fridays I am involved in something call CCF. It stands for Christian Campus Fellowship and it's like my church while I'm in college. We also meet in smaller groups for each dorm on Wednesdays. It's a great time of worship and fellowship with other college student Christians and I'm really happy to be a part of it. The girls in my group are just awesome and I'm glad I get to know so many people who share my beliefs. It's great.

My classes are also pretty awesome. My Greek class is by far my favorite over all. The language is so interesting and my teacher is amazing. He's hilarious and teaches from his own textbook so he doesn't have to conform to the way other textbooks are set up. Plus it means that we didn't have to buy a book as he posts what we need online. It's sweet. My linguistics class isn't too bad, but it's a lot of new terminology and I don't even really have a building block to build off of. So it can be a bit challenging to grasp new terms. And my Plot and Narrative class isn't super hard, but it's a lot of reading. And reading books that aren't particularly riveting. Although the assignments consist mostly of three papers, so that's pretty awesome.

Speaking of books, I will try within the next few days to post a slew of the book reviews I've done. I really have been reading, I just keep forgetting to post the reviews. Bad Reaper, you need to keep up with everything. I think this is about everything that's been happening with me. Oh, by the way, I am typing this from a shiny new laptop hand delivered by my family this past weekend. Having loan money does have some advantages.

Take Care

Zoo Day!

Aug. 11th, 2009 10:59 pm
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I had a blast at the zoo today with my friends. It was our last big get-together before we all leave for college this fall. We left at like seven in the morning and stayed until almost noon. We assigned animals to each of us as we walked through the zoo. I was a gerenuk, which is a long necked type of antelope. My other friends were a gazelle, a columbus monkey, duiker (which is an antelope relative who eats stuff close to the ground and loves ants), and some other animals I can't remember. One highlight of the trip was getting attacked by a lorikeet. I was standing there while my friend fed one and then it few off her hand and towards my face. It didn't scratch me or hurt me, but it shocked me a bit. It was also Zoo Camp Day, which is when they have these little groups of kids walk around with a guide and they are party of an animal group. They all have little matching t-shirts in different colors. It's adorable. I wish they had groups like that for adults or kids-at-heart since I was actually learning a bit listening to the group guides. This last bit is about me making a fool of myself for the sake of the Harry Potter Fan in me. So, if you're not a Harry Potter fan, quickly avert your eyes. So when we were in the snakes area, my friend calls to me and tells to come speak to the snake a free it (since I am Harry and she is Ron due to skits in Freshman Drama). So I walked over and spoke a bit of parseltongue to it. I made it up as I went, but the tone is creepy enough. Sadly nothing happened, but it was still fun.
Take Care

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Yes, you found me out. I am a Harry Potter nerd. I grew up with the books and they've been there for most of my life. So last night I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I even dressed up because that's the kind of nerd I am. I had a white t-shirt, black cape, knee-length black skirt, black flats, and a red and gold clip-on tie that used to be black. It was fun taking pictures and hanging out with fellow nerds. The best part about midnight premieres is you don't usually get people talking during the movie or being obnoxious, because they're all fans as well.
So the movie was great. There were some things I didn't like, but overall they did a great job with it. They did a wonderful job of adapting the story for the big screen and putting in the details we needed. There was a lot of humor in the movie, which was great as times get darker. I also loved that it was two and a half hours long. Time zipped by, but it didn't seem too choppy or disjointed. The movie also did a good job of making Dumbledore look older and more fragile. Overall, the movie was amazing and I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully, it'll be done just as well as this one
Take Care


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