Bad Reaper!

Dec. 5th, 2009 11:11 am
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I feel so bad about neglecting my Dreamwidth account (although I've neglected my LJ as well). I think when I write constantly in my journal (the bound one with paper) I tend to neglect my blogging sites.

So, I'm winding down my first quarter at the university and it's actually been really great. I spent Thursday afternoon cutting snowflakes and listening to Christmas music while everyone around me freaks out about finals. My only finals are the Greek final, which should be easy because it's the same stuff we've been repeating all quarter, and my Linguistics final, which is open book, open note. I don't think either will be too terribly difficult. Hopefully.

I was also absent recently because I was furiously working on my Nano novel! Which I finished with time to spare. Well, a little time to spare. See, I stayed sort of on track so that by the time Thanksgiving rolled around I was only 18,000 words from the end, rather than 25,000 like last year. So I wrote during my break, and I wrote a lot since I was at my grandmother's house out in the boonies with no internet. (On a side note, I saw X-Men: Wolverine again and I think Gambit needs his own movie!). By Sunday night I had 48,000 words. I was getting ready to go to bed when my roommate, who's known me for four years now, said, "You're not going to stay up and finish? Do you really want me to beat you?" Now, I have a highly competitive nature so of course I wasn't going to let her beat me. I wanted to win first! So even though I had class in the morning and don't get enough sleep anyway, I stayed up and finished my Nano at 12:33 AM on Monday, November 30th. And the whole story actually turned out a lot differently than I thought it was going to. My characters reacted differently than I planned. Oh well, it still ended happily.

I am super excited for Christmas and my nineteenth birthday which is in 14 days. I'm so excited to go home and be home for longer than just an extended weekend. I got my dad Angel for his birthday and we will probably spend a lot of time watching that. Because it is freakin' awesome from what I've seen in the first three episodes! Plus I get to do some baking (okay, I'll probably sit nearby and read while taste-testing, but the sentiment's the same. And I'm not not helping because I'm lazy, but because I really can't cook or bake.) and watch chick flicks with my mom. Mom and I are really close and I know it's really hard on her  that I went away to college. She wants me to have this experience, but she misses me a ton.

I know she misses me because she agreed to play Monopoly with me over the break. And my family calls me the Monopoly Nazi. Like I said above, I'm very competitive. And since I'm as uncoordinated as a newborn giraffe, the only way I can express this is when playing board games or trivia games. I'm not a bad loser or winner when I win or lose, but I really, really want to win! Which causes me to be a bit overzealous when playing Monopoly.

Anyway, very excited for break. Even though I'll be the one putting lights on the roof since my dad's knees are really bad. I just hope it doesn't snow, so I can drive home. I'll try to post a couple of book reviews soon.
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