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Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for with baited breath. Six new book reviews. There would be more, but I actually have to do reading for school and I've been stuck on one book for the past week and a half. So here are the reviews.

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. It's come down to the final battle for Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood. Titan's forces are moving to take Manhattan and they are all that stands between the gods and destruction. Lives are on the line, and some may not survive the battle. Can Percy and his friends prevent the Titan uprising? Spoilers in the review.
The Last Olympian )

The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox. Lizzie has always just been a normal woman. But on her thirtieth birthday her life is turned upside down when her biker Grandmother locks her in a bathroom and then saves her from a demon. Lizzie's meant to be the family's next demon slayer and there's bad stuff coming for her fast. But what does a sexy griffin have to do with that? Lizzie better learn her lessons quick before the crap hits the fan. No spoilers here
The Accidental Demon Slayer )

Snow Queen by Emma Harrison. Tomboy Aubrey came to Vermont with her best friend to see some snow and play some hockey. When she finds out she's been entered in the annual Snow Queen pagent, she wants to get out as quick as possible. But after meeting Grayson, the competition isn't looking so bad. Too bad his sister is determined to bring hell for anyone who gets in the way of her winning the Snow Queen Crown. Can Aubrey find win the crown and Grayson or will it all avalanche to disaster? No spoilers here
Snow Queen )

The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison. I'm not quite sure how to give a blurb for this book. Secrets is the key words. Secrets shall be revealed. Major spoilers ahead
The Outlaw Demon Wails )

The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan. The companion guide to The Percy Jackson series. No spoilers
The Demigod Files )

Storm Front by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden is the only wizard in Chicago's phonebook. As a detective he works for the Chicago PD on some of their more supernatural cases. When a particularly hairy murder turns up, he has to solve it quick or he could be next. Spoilers for the book and later in the series.
Storm Front )

Take Care

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So I took a bit longer than I had planned to get these book reviews up. I got caught up in Halloween, which was fantastic with the Disney Club caroling I did, and starting Nanowrimo. I'm slowly but surely doing some pretty good writing. I like Charly much better than last year's heroine. Charly has some spunk. But anyway, I have eleven book reviews for you! Yes, I've read twelve books in the last six weeks or so. So let's get started shall we?

The Devil You Know by Jenna Black. This is the second in the series and in it Morgan has to face some dark secrets in her past. Secrets she could never imagine. After her escape in the last book, Lugh's brother has sent an assassin after her. She no longer knows who she can trust and could even those she believes to be on her side have ulterior motives? No spoilers under the cut except for previous books
The Devil You Know )

The Princess by Jude Deveraux. When JT Montgomery rescues a young woman from those trying to kill her, he's shocked when she informs him she's a princess and demands he wait on her hand and foot. He's even more shocked when he returns home and the government asks him to keep her safe. He never thought he find himself falling for the passionate girl he finds. But can their bond survive when they must return to her kingdom? There are spoilers here. Beware!The Princess )

1001 Things Every College Student Should Know. This is actually not so much a novel as an advice book. Covering pretty much every aspect of college life, it give it's reads tips for adjusting so they don't flunk out and head home degree-less.
1001 Things Every College Student Should Know )

Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks. As the illegitimate son of Cassanova, Jack knows about lust and seduction. And no one throws a bachelor party like Jack. But when it gets out of hand, he gets the shock of his undead life in Officer Lara Boucher. She's immune to mind control and that makes her dangerous. But Jack can't resist her charms. Will he be able to find true love or will she betray the vampires' secret to the world? No spoilers

Secret Life of a Vampire )

Last Nights of Paris by Phillipe Soupault. I'll be honest, I only have a vague idea what this book is about. The nameless narrator spends his night wandering Paris, looking for an end to his monotonous life. He finds this in part by following a young prostitute through the streets of Paris, being sucked in to the group she associates with. No spoilers, but not a favorable review
Last Nights of Paris )

Covet by JR Ward. Jim doesn't care about anything but laying low to stay under the radar of his old bosses. But it's endgame between the Angels and the Demons (as in the ones in Heaven and Hell) and Jim is the one guy they decided on to tip the scales. Seven souls to save or damn and Jim is the one standing between world peace and total oblivion. No pressure. Soul Number One belongs to Vin DiPietro, a businessman as cold as the cash he brings in. But when he starts falling for a woman with a secret past, can Jim help them to their happily every after? Or will the demons claim Soul One as their prize.
Covet )

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. The author's memoir about falling from her cushy job to near homelessness. Avoiding foreclosure, working temp jobs, doing self waxes along the way, Jen shares her experiences and puts even the most desperate situations in a funny light. No spoilers
Bitter is the New Black )

Down and Out In Paris and London by George Orwell. Follow the author as he becomes destitute in Paris and spends a few days starving while searching for work. Then to London where it is "impossible to starve". An interesting look at the lives of poor immigrants in Paris and London and their living conditions No spoilers
Down and Out in Paris and London )

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine. Joanne is a Weather Warden, giving her control over the air and water. Well not so much control as ability to fight air and water. But when one of her superiors screws her over, she's getting blamed for something she couldn't avoid. Now she's racing for her life, trying to reach an old friend's protection. But with the weather pursuing here as well as the Wardens she runs from, is there any way she can escape? Spoilers ahoy. Be afraid.
Ill Wind )

Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey. A retelling of the Ballad of Mulan. When Mulan's mother dies in childbirth, her father is so brokenhearted he seems to forget about his only child. While he's gone, Mulan grows into an unusual combination of young woman with the skills of a young man. After her father returns and war breaks out again, Mulan takes his place to save him. But will her feelings towards the Prince make her reveal her secret? And what happens when she is found out? No Spoilers
Wild Orchid )


Every Which Way but Dead by Kim Harrison. Rachel made a deal with a demon to put a dangerous vamp behind bars and now she has to pony up, becoming his familiar. On top of that, Ivy's old "friend" is making Rachel question just how far Ivy will go to claim her; Nick is acting weird and distant; and Kisten keeps trying to seduce her. And she likes it. But if she can find a way to outwit a demon, everything else should be a piece of cake right? Yeah, don't hold your breath. No spoilers
Every Which Way But Dead )

Well, happy reading everyone! I now have to Nano my brains out so that I can at least try to keep up with the daily goal.
Take Care

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I spent yesterday at my mom's friend's house while mom and her friend scrapbooked. Now I got a lot of reading and writing done, but there was also a small child who kept interrupting me. I think I have a small child beacon that draws them to me when all I want is to be left alone. She kept trying to get me to scrapbook (which I don't do because I suck at it) and she would sit next to me and read. But she had to read out loud and then show me stuff. And it didn't work to pretend I was engrossed in my book because she would just repeat it over and over until I paid attention. I was so glad when the girl's mom finally came to take her home.
But I did get to finish one book: The Good, The Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison. This is the second book in Kim Harrison's Hollows series. And I have to say, I'm really enjoying the series so far. I think I'll ask for the set for Christmas. This book was about Rachel Morgan, former I.S. runner, tracking down a serial killer who was hunting ley line witches. For this case, she's teamed up with the FIB, who've hired her as a consultant, and she's working with this guy Glenn who is one of the few humans not intimidated by the fact that Rachel's a witch. It's a really good book. Review is under the cut and beware the spoilers.

The Good, The Bad and the Undead )

Take care


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