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 Um, yeah. I kind of haven't updated this since uh *checks* September. So...yeah sorry about that. I did the crazy, crazy, CRAZY thing of taking 19 credits this past quarter. Two of which were literature classes. Fun literature classes to be sure, but I still read like twenty books this past quarter. Yeah, it was kind of intense. Buuuuuuuuuuut, (drum roll please) I managed to pull out a 4.0 quarter! Don't ask me how it happened; I have no idea. By all accounts, I don't think it should have happened though I'm very happy it did. I spent all of dead week working like a madwoman and I spent practically three straight days in the library during finals week. Between my first ever migraine (oh that was a fun trip), writing papers until two am, and my computer crashing right before finals week (luckily I didn't need it), it was a little insane.

I did however, bring part of the insanity on myself. Because even knowing this quarter was madness, I decided to do NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row. And by the time Thanksgiving break hit on the 24th, I was only at 23,000 words. Uh-oh. Now, a sane person gives up here, saying they made a good go of it, but it's not going to happen this year. Did I do that? No. Instead, I forsook all homework over the break (and whatever wasn't due the next day on the first two days back) in favor of making the deadline. And I would not let my procrastination be in vain. So for the third year in a row, I managed to win! Novel's not complete yet, but I decided to work on homework that was due within the last three days of dead week instead of writing. Crazy, I know, but I school comes first ;)

The computer crash happened Sunday before finals week. It got some virus that made it reboot over and over and wouldn't let you try to fix it even in safe mode. So I had to reinstall the entire operating system. And, although I thought I'd saved everything on an external hard drive, I had not. Which meant I lost most of my word documents. Now I'm a writer. Pictures and music can be replaced and built back up. Writing? Only some of the things I loved were saved. Luckily I do have most of my NaNo novels and a short story I loved. But it was still pretty devastating.

Now, onto something cheerful. I met a guy. I met him through I friend and we met over facebook so for the past month or so we've texted and phoned and skyped. And then last weekend we finally met in person. He came down for my 20th birthday and spent the night (sleeping on the couch. Mind out of gutter people). And I really really like him. He's funny and sweet and makes me feel special. And he remembers everything I tell him. Even the things i just mention in passing. 

So that's what I've been up to recently. Right now I'm enjoying my winter break. I have this winter quarter and spring and then I'll be a college graduate. I probably won't do a ton of updates here, but I welcome you to check out my blog: I do book reviews almost every Friday.

Take Care,
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I always tell myself, "I'm going to post more! I swear I'll pay more attention to this." And then maybe I'm good for a post or two until my intentions fall by the wayside. I almost have a legitimate excuse this time since I have a blog now and between that and the journal I keep (one that exists outside the computer) I feel like I don't have anything to say. But I am going to try and post more. *Raises right hand* I swear.

I've been a little bored lately, just waiting for school to start again (which doesn't happen for another two weeks). I've watched more TV than I care to admit, read fourteen books since I returned from London (I actually read two books and started a third in the course of about 48 hours, sleep included), and logged countless games of Bejeweled via Facebook. I did finally get to chapter 4 in the first novel of the trilogy I'm writing, which is great. But I'm going to have to log some serious writing time to finish it before November so that I can work on the second book for NaNoWriMo. Because if I start the second one before the first is complete, I just know there's going to be some major plot twist I never saw coming in that first book that screws up everything I write in the future.

Last time I mentioned I got contacts. They still give me problems sometimes when they're in (just feels like I have an eyelash in my eye) but I can get them in and out in a single try now. And the prescription has stopped making me dizzy. The adjustment time is even getting faster when I switch from contacts to my glasses. I find it hard to recognize myself now though. I look a little different in contacts, but then when I put the glasses on, I look a little different too.

I do feel very proud of myself though. I am slowly sucking my family into my brand of geekery. Well, I don't have to pull Dad very far since he's been reading my books since I was 13. But I finally got Mom hooked on a paranormal romance series. It's the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I have worked for probably three years to make this happen. I got her to read Twilight, but those don't really count as real paranormal books. Not like what I wanted to get her into.

Then last night, I got my whole family to watch A Very Potter Musical with me! (I had taken the YouTube videos and burned them to a DVD. I still have to go back and find either a different burner or buy the professional version so I don't get the green disclaimer screen that pops up between every video, but I'm close!) And they liked it! They sat and watched the entire 2 hours and 45 minutes and laughed and had fun. It was great! Next stop, A Very Potter Sequel.

Take Care

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I spent yesterday at my mom's friend's house while mom and her friend scrapbooked. Now I got a lot of reading and writing done, but there was also a small child who kept interrupting me. I think I have a small child beacon that draws them to me when all I want is to be left alone. She kept trying to get me to scrapbook (which I don't do because I suck at it) and she would sit next to me and read. But she had to read out loud and then show me stuff. And it didn't work to pretend I was engrossed in my book because she would just repeat it over and over until I paid attention. I was so glad when the girl's mom finally came to take her home.
But I did get to finish one book: The Good, The Bad and the Undead by Kim Harrison. This is the second book in Kim Harrison's Hollows series. And I have to say, I'm really enjoying the series so far. I think I'll ask for the set for Christmas. This book was about Rachel Morgan, former I.S. runner, tracking down a serial killer who was hunting ley line witches. For this case, she's teamed up with the FIB, who've hired her as a consultant, and she's working with this guy Glenn who is one of the few humans not intimidated by the fact that Rachel's a witch. It's a really good book. Review is under the cut and beware the spoilers.

The Good, The Bad and the Undead )

Take care
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I'm writing this for a scholarship. Any constructive criticism is both welcome and appreciated. Enjoy

A Day At the Park 

            A cloudy day like this wouldn’t be the ideal time to have a park picnic for most people. For my family though, these cloudy days were the best time to go to the park. And as an added bonus, there was quite a bit of wind today so I got to bring my kite with me. Jake had finished it just last night, so this was to be its maiden voyage.

            “Renesmee,” my father called back to me, “You need to stay with us until we decide where to set down our blanket.” I looked away from the play area full of children and teens, and saw that everyone had moved ahead of me while I daydreamed. I sighed and walked a little faster. I thought Dad worried unnecessarily about my falling behind, but then again he’d only been a father for seven years. He learned fast about not smothering me, but he still had those fatherly instincts that said to keep his baby girl close.

            Jake, my lovable, constant shadow, came up on my left and whispered, “Don’t worry. Once the blanket’s down we can ditch them and test out your new kite. Today’s the perfect day for it. And maybe we can do other things while we’re alone.” He waggled his eyebrows.

            “I heard that Jacob,” Dad called to us, making me laugh. “Don’t even think you can try anything. It doesn’t matter if Alice can’t see you; I’ll still know what you’re up to.”

            Jake and I finally caught up to the group, just as they were setting the blanket down in a small grove of noble firs. Grandpa Charlie and Mom spread the blanket on the grass, while Uncle Emmett and Grandma Esme pulled containers of food out of the picnic basket. I’d never met my other grandmother, the erratic Renee, but I bet she can’t cook as well as Grandma Esme. Nobody, expect maybe Mom, compares to her cooking.

            I had just started to eat when I heard Jake’s low warning growl. I looked around and saw that three teen boys had sauntered over to our group from the playground. All three had their jeans belted halfway down their thighs, a style I detested. Jake knew this and always made sure he had a belt handy when he changed.

            I kissed Jake’s cheek and whispered, “Ignore them and maybe they’ll get the hint to go away.” Unfortunately, past experience told me, this probably wouldn’t happen. I’d grown into a fairly attractive young woman and my red hair shown like a beacon to idiot boys who wanted to try their luck at picking up a “hot chick”.

To me, their interest was inconsequential, an annoyance that was just part of life. To Jake though, it was a personal insult and we’d been temporarily exiled from a couple different places because of brawls he started. He usually had a good rein on his temper, but when it came to me, he was as territorial as any wolf.

            “Hey sweetheart,” said the boy in the middle as he leaned, oh so causally, against one of the firs, “why don’t you come hang with us on the swings?” Ooo swings, I thought. How can I resist? I also thought the kid had some pretty noble ambition, to try and take me away from both my boyfriend and my family. Beside me, Jake’s growling intensified.

            I rubbed his knee and said to the boy, “Tempting as that sounds, I’m having lunch with my family and boyfriend” I emphasized the word “right now. You’ll have to find someone else.” I turned away from him to make my point. Jake’s snarl told me they hadn’t left and then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

            “Don’t be li-“ The boy broke off when Jake grabbed his arm and twisted it up behind his back. Mom pried Jake off him as I felt a wave of peace, like a cool breeze, wash over our group. Uncle Jasper was trying to cool the tempers of everyone in our group, not just Jacob. Jake may have been the most aggressive with his anger, but everyone in our group objected to the boy laying a hand on me. No matter how old I looked, I was the baby and not to be touched.

            “Jacob,” Dad said, laying a hand on Jake’s shoulder as Mom held him back, “leave them be. They’ll be going now,” his voice making the phrase an order rather than a suggestion. Although from the looks on the boys’ faces, they had no intention of sticking around.

It must have looked odd to any passersby to see a teenager talking with power and authority to boys who were at least his age, if not a little older. But whether or not Dad looked adult, he was parent clean though and he didn’t let his little girl be manhandled.

            The boys walked off, shooting dirty looks back over their shoulders. Mom kept her hand on Jake until they were back by the playground. Likewise, Dad stayed in front of me until they were gone. Then he moved back to his spot by Aunt Alice and Mom let go of Jake. I grabbed Jake’s hand and kissed him, as I pulled him back to our spot. Then I looked around at the people on the blanket.

            I had gotten so lucky when whatever omnipresent power existed gave me my family. They were always going to be there for me, literally forever. They had a permanence that normal families lacked and everyone one of them loved me so much.

            Jake leaned over, breaking me out of my reverie. “You still want to try out that kite?” he asked. I grinned and we went off to fly my kite, the bright green shining against the gray of the clouds. When I looked back over my shoulder, I saw my entire family smiling with love. And I knew I would never be alone.

Take Care


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