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I always tell myself, "I'm going to post more! I swear I'll pay more attention to this." And then maybe I'm good for a post or two until my intentions fall by the wayside. I almost have a legitimate excuse this time since I have a blog now and between that and the journal I keep (one that exists outside the computer) I feel like I don't have anything to say. But I am going to try and post more. *Raises right hand* I swear.

I've been a little bored lately, just waiting for school to start again (which doesn't happen for another two weeks). I've watched more TV than I care to admit, read fourteen books since I returned from London (I actually read two books and started a third in the course of about 48 hours, sleep included), and logged countless games of Bejeweled via Facebook. I did finally get to chapter 4 in the first novel of the trilogy I'm writing, which is great. But I'm going to have to log some serious writing time to finish it before November so that I can work on the second book for NaNoWriMo. Because if I start the second one before the first is complete, I just know there's going to be some major plot twist I never saw coming in that first book that screws up everything I write in the future.

Last time I mentioned I got contacts. They still give me problems sometimes when they're in (just feels like I have an eyelash in my eye) but I can get them in and out in a single try now. And the prescription has stopped making me dizzy. The adjustment time is even getting faster when I switch from contacts to my glasses. I find it hard to recognize myself now though. I look a little different in contacts, but then when I put the glasses on, I look a little different too.

I do feel very proud of myself though. I am slowly sucking my family into my brand of geekery. Well, I don't have to pull Dad very far since he's been reading my books since I was 13. But I finally got Mom hooked on a paranormal romance series. It's the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I have worked for probably three years to make this happen. I got her to read Twilight, but those don't really count as real paranormal books. Not like what I wanted to get her into.

Then last night, I got my whole family to watch A Very Potter Musical with me! (I had taken the YouTube videos and burned them to a DVD. I still have to go back and find either a different burner or buy the professional version so I don't get the green disclaimer screen that pops up between every video, but I'm close!) And they liked it! They sat and watched the entire 2 hours and 45 minutes and laughed and had fun. It was great! Next stop, A Very Potter Sequel.

Take Care

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Have you ever had tried to tell a brother or sister something they do that annoys you, only to have them say you just need to lighten up? Does it not make you want to shake them until they look like a bobble-head? My sister has this thing where she makes little comments that criticize something about me. Just an offhand kind of "you should really wear make-up" or "you'd almost look cute if you did something with your hair." Or she makes a more direct, biting comment, like "your room is a disaster zone", and then laughs and says she was joking. Like this is her get out of jail free card.

So I called her on it when she said something this afternoon. And she tells me that I just need to stop being so dumb and get over it. She claims she was making a joke and I take things too seriously. Maybe I am a little serious, but I know a joke and I know critique and I am friggin' tired of being told I need to be how she sees the world! I am fine the way I am. I am happy the way I am. If I want to change something I will but lay the hell off until I decide I want to make a change! Or I will snap and scream and there will be a no holds barred argument about how I feel.

In other news, I got contacts yesterday and they are also driving me a little crazy. I always hate adapting to a new prescription and this one makes it really hard for me to focus in on what I am looking at. Plus they get a little blurry from time to time when I try to concentrate on anything up close. And I'm still having a hard time putting them in and taking them out. But I'll get there I suppose. And then I won't have that dizzying disorientation that comes from one eye being clear and one eye being fuzzy.

Take Care


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