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It's kind of like the cliffs of insanity, but you can't climb it with a rope. So although it's not really an excuse, this is why I haven't updated in a while. A little over two weeks ago, my family made the trek back up to Western to move me in for another exciting year of school. My last exciting year of school sadly, thanks to the Running Start program. I will be graduating this spring. The drive was a little stressful as instead of doing it all in one shot and then relaxing, we did one night with my dad's mom and stepdad and one night with his dad and stepmom. And while I love my grandparents and am glad for the chance to see them, I do not travel well. Something in my internal system freaks out and I have to eat mild foods like toast or noodles the whole trip until I get settled.

Plus, the stress was high between us on the drive. We take two cars when we move me, because that's the only way all my stuff fits. Now, before we left Federal Way that Sunday, Mom asked if we should fill up the cars. Dad said, "Nah, we have enough gas to make it at least most of the way." So off we went. We got stuck in some Seattle traffic, but as traffic goes it wasn't as terrible as it could have been. We lost Dad and Meg in the traffic (they were in one car with Meghan's friend Megan, while Mom and I were in my car with me driving) but that was okay because I knew exactly how to get there and hey, we had cell phones if we needed to stop. Right outside of Seattle, Meg calls Mom and says they're stopping for gas and the bathroom (because my sister has the bladder of a puppy). We decide to stop as well since breakfast wasn't sitting quite well with Mom and she needed the restroom as well. So Mom asks for the stop and directions to where they are.

Turns out Dad took the most complicated exit EVER. It was the exit for the ferry and had like three different branches and twisted around. We did manage to find them, but having uncertain directions handed to you in real time in not a very good way to drive. Because who knows if you can get back once you take that wrong turn? Now Dad, also doesn't do well in stressful situations which makes him a terrible partner on the Amazing Race. If he'd been in my place, he would have freaked out. As it was, he and Mom argued when we finally stopped. And then because it was a complicated exit, we needed to follow him and the GPS back to the freeway. Then when we were almost there, we hit this insane rain storm. Like "drive 50 in a 70 because you can't see" kind of storm. Needless to say, the move was not smooth or stressless.

But I got moved in alright and got back into the school routine. Our info fair went well, drawing in lots of interest from people for Browncoats and at least 12 new people showed up to our first meeting. Yay! But  then there is the insanity part of the quarter. Oh yes, the trip up should have been a sign (as should have been the financial aid mishaps). For you see, I decided to take 19 credits this quarter. I took 20 one of the quarters last year and was fine (I even had extra free time) so I figured this would be no big deal. But I didn't count on the fact that I took two writing classes that previous quarter and this quarter I took two lit courses. Fun lit courses to be sure, Children's Lit and Young Adult Lit. but still time consuming classes a lot of work to them.

Plus I'm taking the second year of Greek which focuses on vocabulary and while I like Diane, I don't love her the way I loved Byron (loved his teaching style, not loved him in a school-girl crush way). And she's changed the way it's all pronounced, so half the time i don't even recognize the words I really know. Probably won't take this again next quarter, but I like Alyssa and I won't see her if I don't take this class, so I'll stick it out for this quarter.

Aside from tons of reading, not much is happening in my life right now. I've seen Will again and it looks like while we'll never be close friends probably, we can laugh and be civil to each other. This quarter is going to be rough, but I am enjoying it. Come on, I get to read picture books and Harry Potter as assignments; I think I'm good. Be sure to check out my blog I'm going to try posting a book review video once a week.

Take Care

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Yes, I know I missed a week of blogging. But last week was madness. Tuesday was Meg's graduation, which was awesome. Now, I give it maybe a week before she's bored out of her mind. Also, her puppy is freaking adorable, which is the only thing saving her. She's a chihuahua-dachshund mix. And she loves to snuggle with me while I'm on my laptop. On Wednesday, Dad and I drove up to Western to move me out. I took my last final, turned in my keys and moved out the rest of my stuff.

I also broke up with Will while I was up there. We just didn't fit as a couple. It hurt a little, but it had to be done. And he was confused and hurt at first, but we've talked a couple of times since and it looks like we're going to be able to stay friends. Dad was really great on that day. He let me be alone in my head without badgering me with questions, even well-meaning ones.

Got home on Thursday and picked up ten books from the library. Oh yeah, I have stuff to read. I also finally got to finish Angels and Demons. Which I liked better than The Da Vinci Code. Now I want to watch the movie. Yesterday we finally caught the cat under our house and took her to the Human Society.

On a side note, no one should be allowed to simply give up their pet without real consequences. That pet is like your child. The excuse "my pet barks too much and annoys the neighbors" is not a valid excuse. There really is no valid excuse, except maybe I'm dying of medical disorder that leaves me an invalid. We have solved what should happen to owners who wish to no longer keep a pet. They take it to the Dog Farm, where they can leave the pet but they pay an upkeep fee every month until the pet is adopted or must be put to sleep. Maybe then people would really think about whether they want a pet or not.

Okay, back from the rant. Today was our June Family Dinner where we did Father's Day celebrating. We had awesome food. I love corn on the cob so much. It's amazing. Plus there was red velvet cake, which I couldn't eat, but which looked awesome and was quite tasty from the two bites I had of Mom's slice. I also had a mini-meltdown over not having my own space. Yes, I know this sounds petty, but something malfunctions with me if I don't have my own space. Even borrowed space doesn't really cut it. So Dad went in when we got home and cleared off my bed so I at least have that bit of solace now. I still have crap all over the place, but this is a good start and give me my own space where the dogs don't awaken me at six in the morning by raking their talons across my face (I've been sleeping on the floor in the living room because I couldn't deal with sharing Meg's queen-size bed.)

Well this is pretty much it for now. I'd like to say I'll have book reviews up soon, but who knows.

Take Care


May. 31st, 2010 12:54 am
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So I promised I'd try to update once a week or so. I may be a little off, but I say this counts. First of all, I competed in a spelling bee in my dorm last Friday...there were only two of us there, and I placed second. But I only was behind by twelve words and I still got a crown. Yes, it's childish, but have you ever noticed how wearing a crown can make you feel so good? I think that part of why children want to be princes and princesses; it just feels good. I also started packing up my stuff for move-out. I'm taking half home on Friday, but everything will be packed up them. It's kind of sad, but at the same time, it's rather nice to be going home. Don't know where I'm going to put my stuff when I get it home since Mom still hasn't cleaned out my room, but at least I can still get to my bed. I have to climb over the edge, but I can still sleep in it. The week's been pretty chill though, not a lot going on and everything for the quarter is pretty much finished.

Now, the real reason I'm awake at 1 in the morning is because I feel conflicted about my boyfriend, Will. Yes, I know the first time you heard about him was last week, but we've been dating for six weeks now. My problem is, I like him a lot and I think he's a wonderful guy. But I think we work better as friends. I like having someone I can hold hands with and hug if I need to. But I don't feel that spark you're supposed to feel when you're with that someone you love. He's a great friend, he can make me smile, but I don't think we'd ever be more than friends. I can't see myself marrying him or ever sleeping with him or having kids together. I think we're good friends and I don't want to lose that, but I don't think we're meant to be more than that.
But then I wonder if maybe I've been reading too many romance novels and have unrealistic expectations and my mind gets confused. I don't want to hurt Will but I wonder if letting this continue and breaking it off later will hurt him more. Ugh, what I really want is to talk with my sister. She may be the younger sister, but she has a lot more experience in this area and I could use her help.

Anyway, I haven't gotten around to the book reviews yet, but I hope to have them soon.
Take Care

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I thought of Road to Eldorado when typing the title so there you go. I am still not dead. I am a very sucky poster apparently and I cannot believe it's been over two months since my last post. *Cringes* Sorry about the lack of updating. So it's been a pretty quiet Spring Quarter. Actually it's been a dead Spring Quarter. I have one class that actually has homework so I've been very bored. Don't get me wrong, i love having a little time for whatever I want to do, but I need to at least have something I should be working on. I read 17 books last month. 17. I love that I got to read but come on, give me something to do! I'm completely done with my classwork aside from revising my final story and taking the Mythology exam.

Next quarter should be very fun though, and a little less tedious. I get to take Studies in Young Adult Literature and an Editing and Publishing class. Hopefully, I will also get to take the Children's Literature class that I can't register for now because it is major restricted. Here's hoping it doesn't fill up and I can snag a spot. I'm excited to take YA Lit because I love YA. It's always been one of my favorite genres. Now, if there was a paranormal romance/urban fantasy class, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat.

I'm also gearing up for London this summer. Yes, I got into the program, have everything paid and worked out, and I leave the 28th of June! I can't believe I get to spend an entire month in London! I also joined the Facebook group for the trip and found some people who want to go to King's Cross with me and find Platform 9 3/4. We're also going to find a telephone booth and go to the Ministry of Magic. :D This summer is going to be absolutely amazing!

Within the past month I also started dating Will. We've been going out for five weeks and I really like him. He's a great guy and he seems to really care about me. Which is good because he's accrued various threats from people in my church and family of what will happen if he hurts me. We've each met the other's parents and my parents liked him (thought he was rather quiet, but nice) while his parents seemed to like me as well. This is the first time I've actually seriously dated someone. I had one and a half boyfriends in the past (I say half because I broke up with him after five days) but I didn't cared about them like I do Will. And he hasn't dated anyone before me. It's kind of nice. I don't know if we'll last, but I like what's happening now.

I will try and get some book reviews up soon and I'll try to be more on top of posting. I'm going to aim for once a week.

Take Care


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