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Ugh, I do not want to pack another single item. But I do *hangs head*. I leave for my university on Friday. Move-in is on Sunday, but we're doing the grandparent pilgrimage on the way (Dad's mom and stepdad Friday night in Tenino and his dad and stepmom on Saturday). Which means I have to pack up all my crap this week. A daunting task, especially considering in nine months I just have to lug it all home again. But I pretty much have everything that can be packed (except my books) packed. Most of what's left I can't pack until Friday. Besides, I'm exhausted so no more packing today!

I did have some drama with my financial aid this week (not the week to have it since there's very little time before school begins making it high stress with few things happening to expend the restless energy on. Yay.) I didn't realize I hadn't had my parents file the application for their loan for the 2010-2011 school year. Which led to frantic completion of the form, panicky phone calls and a dash to Kinko's to fax the form. Then they further tried to kill me by saying that there was no power and the fax wouldn't go through for and couple of days. Noooooooooooo! Luckily, the form is there now. It'll take five business days to process and everything should be fine. I may even be able to receive the aid right when it's supposed to release. In any case, I'm glad I've already bought my books.

Other than that, my life's been pretty quiet. Watched the finale of True Blood last Monday and oh my god, the producers are trying to kill their viewers. Can't believe we don't get any more until next summer. Got a first day of school outfit, as well as a winter coat. My old one was too big and about five or six years old. I also finally got to put more money on my Lavamus account and download new music. Yippee! That's pretty much it though.

Take Care

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So I'm a fan of True Blood on HBO and since I don't have cable, every Sunday I go over to my friend's house and watch the newest episode. We missed last week because we were in Bellingham for Freshman Orientation, so we got to watch two episodes in a row this week. This is sort of a character spoiler for Episode 6 and 7 of season 2, but not anything major. I just have to say, I love Godric. He is amazingly forward thinking and sweet. I love how he wants to be equal to humans and doesn't see himself as better. I also love that he understands why some people attack vampires and why some human react the way they do. The guy is pretty amazing and he never yells. I just wish he would grow his hair out a bit, but overall, fantastic vampire!
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