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Have you ever had tried to tell a brother or sister something they do that annoys you, only to have them say you just need to lighten up? Does it not make you want to shake them until they look like a bobble-head? My sister has this thing where she makes little comments that criticize something about me. Just an offhand kind of "you should really wear make-up" or "you'd almost look cute if you did something with your hair." Or she makes a more direct, biting comment, like "your room is a disaster zone", and then laughs and says she was joking. Like this is her get out of jail free card.

So I called her on it when she said something this afternoon. And she tells me that I just need to stop being so dumb and get over it. She claims she was making a joke and I take things too seriously. Maybe I am a little serious, but I know a joke and I know critique and I am friggin' tired of being told I need to be how she sees the world! I am fine the way I am. I am happy the way I am. If I want to change something I will but lay the hell off until I decide I want to make a change! Or I will snap and scream and there will be a no holds barred argument about how I feel.

In other news, I got contacts yesterday and they are also driving me a little crazy. I always hate adapting to a new prescription and this one makes it really hard for me to focus in on what I am looking at. Plus they get a little blurry from time to time when I try to concentrate on anything up close. And I'm still having a hard time putting them in and taking them out. But I'll get there I suppose. And then I won't have that dizzying disorientation that comes from one eye being clear and one eye being fuzzy.

Take Care

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Yes, I know I missed a week of blogging. But last week was madness. Tuesday was Meg's graduation, which was awesome. Now, I give it maybe a week before she's bored out of her mind. Also, her puppy is freaking adorable, which is the only thing saving her. She's a chihuahua-dachshund mix. And she loves to snuggle with me while I'm on my laptop. On Wednesday, Dad and I drove up to Western to move me out. I took my last final, turned in my keys and moved out the rest of my stuff.

I also broke up with Will while I was up there. We just didn't fit as a couple. It hurt a little, but it had to be done. And he was confused and hurt at first, but we've talked a couple of times since and it looks like we're going to be able to stay friends. Dad was really great on that day. He let me be alone in my head without badgering me with questions, even well-meaning ones.

Got home on Thursday and picked up ten books from the library. Oh yeah, I have stuff to read. I also finally got to finish Angels and Demons. Which I liked better than The Da Vinci Code. Now I want to watch the movie. Yesterday we finally caught the cat under our house and took her to the Human Society.

On a side note, no one should be allowed to simply give up their pet without real consequences. That pet is like your child. The excuse "my pet barks too much and annoys the neighbors" is not a valid excuse. There really is no valid excuse, except maybe I'm dying of medical disorder that leaves me an invalid. We have solved what should happen to owners who wish to no longer keep a pet. They take it to the Dog Farm, where they can leave the pet but they pay an upkeep fee every month until the pet is adopted or must be put to sleep. Maybe then people would really think about whether they want a pet or not.

Okay, back from the rant. Today was our June Family Dinner where we did Father's Day celebrating. We had awesome food. I love corn on the cob so much. It's amazing. Plus there was red velvet cake, which I couldn't eat, but which looked awesome and was quite tasty from the two bites I had of Mom's slice. I also had a mini-meltdown over not having my own space. Yes, I know this sounds petty, but something malfunctions with me if I don't have my own space. Even borrowed space doesn't really cut it. So Dad went in when we got home and cleared off my bed so I at least have that bit of solace now. I still have crap all over the place, but this is a good start and give me my own space where the dogs don't awaken me at six in the morning by raking their talons across my face (I've been sleeping on the floor in the living room because I couldn't deal with sharing Meg's queen-size bed.)

Well this is pretty much it for now. I'd like to say I'll have book reviews up soon, but who knows.

Take Care

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Haven't posted in a couple days, even though I finished this book a little while ago. It was my sister's birthday today and we had her party last Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We did a scavenger hunt and this game where you had to unfurl a frozen tee shirt first. Plus the cake was cool. We made it with white cake mix and food coloring so it was rainbow. I have to say though, I'm getting tired of my sister making me feel like crap because I can't eat certain foods or get sick if I eat too much. Today I went to look for the leftover ice-cream, only to discover it's gone. Mom, Meg, and Meg's friend had finished it off. I was disappointed so I said, "Oh, I didn't get any." Meg said, "Well you should have had some at the party" knowing full well that I'd already had macaroni salad, diet coke, and cake. If I pushed it, I was going to be sick. The digs are eventually going to push me over the edge I've been slowly approaching due to my, now more restrictive, diet. I just have to make it another twenty days though, thirteen of which she'll be in school and I won't have to deal with her until mid-afternoon.
Anyway, back to the book review. This book is Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs. It's the sequel to Oh. My. Gods. and it continues to follow Phoebe, who still doesn't have control of her demi-god powers. So she's forced to attend a camp that'll help get her powers under control. Review is under the cut and this time there aren't really spoilers, unless you missed the first book.
Goddess Boot Camp )

Take Care


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