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I've become quite convinced that the FAFSA is the evil love child produced when the Federal Government and the Bureaucracy of Secondary Education Institutions combine into an unstoppable super alliance of Red Tape. It's insane trying to fill that thing out, especially if you haven't gotten your taxes done yet! The priority deadline is in mid-February while taxes aren't due until April! What madness is this? Bah, I'm just glad I finally got it finished this evening. Now I can wash my hands of it and walk away.

In other news, my parents are coming up for a visit this weekend and I'm super excited. They're staying in on-campus guest housing which means they will actually stay the weekend with me rather than coming up just for a day and then going back to Federal Way before returning home. In fact, it means I get to take them to Nerf Wars and introduce them to some of the friends I've made here. They haven't actually met anyone I've become friends with here. And they get to meet Cameron (see previous post as to the importance of this). Dad especially is psyched for Nerf Wars. They went shopping for guns last weekend and Dad got this monster of a gun and he's planning to modify his gun and his darts so they fly farther, faster, and straighter. Plus he colored it completely black. I would be surprised if her showed up with a bandana on in camo pants and said "Let's do this" while cocking his gun. But I'm excited for their visit anyway. Plus I've described my dad's antics to Cameron who thinks he sounds awesome.

They will also come back in April because our Glee Club (like an actual show choir sort of club) is having a showcase! It's going to be so awesome! My small group is doing Way Back Into Love from Music and Lyrics, which I love, and I'm going to try and get a solo. Plus I'm going to try and do a solo piece (Lift Me Up by Kate Voegele). I cannot wait for it all!

School has been going pretty well. I got my first essay exam back from Dr. Margaritis. Now, Margaritis' tests are all essays. You have no clue what questions he will ask you, you can't use notes or books, you have to write it in class, and you have to be very specific about your examples. I spent two nights creating study sheets and memorizing nine different quotes about fate, which we had discussed a lot in class. I got the exam and not a single question was on fate! So I did my best and when I got the essay back, I had an A-! Oh, and his base grade is a C. If you do all your work and meet the requirements, you can get a C. If you do really good work, you can get a B. If you do absolutely exceptional work you can get an A. So either I'm smarter than I think, or I'm brilliant at BSing my way through an essay. I just finished a short story for my fiction class that I'm actually really proud of. Yes, it has vampires and supernatural beings, but my preliminary group found it funny and descriptive and entertaining. So we'll see next Tuesday how the entire group likes the completed story. I'll also be reading a short story collection by Edgar Allan Poe for the next few days since I have a paper about the collection due the first part of March. So I'm off  to read about insane, but fun, people and death. Luckily I like Poe much better than the author I read before.

Take Care

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Please feel free to disregard this post as girly obsession.

Okay, so I'm not really the sort of girl to fall into crushes all the time and get obsessed with them. I'm level-headed. The most major crush I had was six and half years ago on one of my now best friends. I've had exactly two what I'd call boyfriends, although one lasted a mere five days and since we were in high school and neither of us could drive, I didn't really go out on dates in either situation. I actually swore off dating for all of high school because I didn't think I could deal with it.

But now I met this guy here in college and I have a major crush on him. I thought at first it was just a "hey he's a nice guy friend" sort of thing. But I keep finding myself wanting to hang out with him, feeling all special when he says nice things about me or walks me back to my dorm at night because it's dark. I actually have spent the last three days going to clubs with him at night. And I had a great time being his DDR partner on Friday night. Between our turns we watched Iron Man on his laptop and I watched him draw. I know that a lot of this just sounds like things that friends would do together, but I keep finding myself wondering what it would be like to go on a date with him, or even kiss him.

I don't know if he likes me that way, although I wonder if maybe he's dropping hints and I'm just dense. He mentioned on Thursday when we were walking back across campus how he stumbles over his words sometimes when he's talking to a girl he likes. And he sort of stumbled over saying that. I'm probably just being crazy and reading too much in it. I sometimes have an overactive imagination (like I keep imagining a scenario from Greek, since I'm in some clubs with the guy's friend, where I date my crush but he gets suspicious or jealous because I'm spending a lot of time with his friend as well). I'm probably going to wait for him to make the first move since 1) I'm not good with confrontations, even friendly ones, and 2) I don't want to mess up a friendship with him.

Sorry about sounding like such a basket-case/teen girl. I swear I'm actually not crazy or whiny. I also swear that I will spend some time either today or tomorrow putting up the mondo book review post.
Take Care


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