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Haven't posted in a couple days, even though I finished this book a little while ago. It was my sister's birthday today and we had her party last Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We did a scavenger hunt and this game where you had to unfurl a frozen tee shirt first. Plus the cake was cool. We made it with white cake mix and food coloring so it was rainbow. I have to say though, I'm getting tired of my sister making me feel like crap because I can't eat certain foods or get sick if I eat too much. Today I went to look for the leftover ice-cream, only to discover it's gone. Mom, Meg, and Meg's friend had finished it off. I was disappointed so I said, "Oh, I didn't get any." Meg said, "Well you should have had some at the party" knowing full well that I'd already had macaroni salad, diet coke, and cake. If I pushed it, I was going to be sick. The digs are eventually going to push me over the edge I've been slowly approaching due to my, now more restrictive, diet. I just have to make it another twenty days though, thirteen of which she'll be in school and I won't have to deal with her until mid-afternoon.
Anyway, back to the book review. This book is Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs. It's the sequel to Oh. My. Gods. and it continues to follow Phoebe, who still doesn't have control of her demi-god powers. So she's forced to attend a camp that'll help get her powers under control. Review is under the cut and this time there aren't really spoilers, unless you missed the first book.
This book gets a 4.5 from me. It was so interesting to read! I love Griffin and it's sweet that he wants to still be friends with Adara. I really hope I don't date a guy who just wants to screw me and leave me. It seems to really mess up your sense of trust. I really like Nicole and Troy and I hope that we eventually get to know who Nicole's god is. I so want to read a third one of these books. It has such great humor and not only do I love the Greek Mythology references, I love the story Ms. Childs writes for her readers. I also loved the little power descriptions in the beginning of each chapter. They were so interesting. And I'm glad Phoebe and Stella are getting along better. Plus Xander seems like a really interesting character.

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