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I feel so terrible about not posting more recently. I got caught up at school (last final was on Monday and now I'm hanging out at home.) and just didn't have anything to say. Except I'm going to London for a month this summer! I found a study abroad program at Kingston University and somehow actually got the financing to go! I'm super excited and cannot believe I get to go. I've wanted to go to London forever and now I have the chance to be there for a month! And one of my first stops, when I get a chance to sight-see is going to be King's Cross Station, for Platform 9 3/4. As a Harry Potter fan, it would be blasphemy not to go. I just cannot wait for July.

In other news, I feel like the book pimp of my family. Or maybe a dealer would be more accurate. My family comes to me when they want something new to read. It started with my dad who, since I would leave my books in the bathroom, starting reading some of my books on a whim. Now he comes to me when he finishes a book and asks if I have anything else to read. This dealing has led me to scour ebay and used bookstores for the rest of the Kim Harrison series (we got him the first book for Christmas). And I'm actually running out of books to give him. He loves paranormal romance and urban fantasy as much as I do, but all the series I own, and that I find worthwhile, he's already read, or is close to finishing. Hopefully I'll find something before he finishes the Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris series.
With my mom, I'm luring her in slowly, giving her the most engaging and wonderful books in the paranormal romance genre, without giving her something too dark right off the bat (like the Black Dagger Brotherhood for instance.) Right now she has my Jeaniene Frost books which she had to forcibly stop herself from reading during the school quarter since she got too sucked in to concentrate on homework. I think the mission is going well. And with my sister, I know I will never get her hooked on paranormal reads. Vamps, Weres, and Witches just aren't her thing. But I sucked her into reading another way. I gave her some of my cheesy teen romance books. And while she scoffs that these things would never happen, she keeps coming back and asking if I have any more. And she's not a big reader. I have a new book that's over 500 pages that I'm going to give her and seeing her finish that happily will mean I have successfully sucked her into reading.

Last, I wanted to ask if anyone has ever had the sensation of ending a book or TV show or movie and forgetting where they are for a moment? Like you got sucked in so far that you can't remember where in the real world you are. I didn't used to have it happen a ton, unless the book or show was really enthralling, but more and more recently I forget where I am. Not in a really bad way, but just an "Oh, that's right I'm here" sort of moment. I'm also wondering if maybe I should be worried about dementia later on.

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