Jan. 10th, 2010

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So I don't know if I mentioned it here before, but I decided to take 20 credits this quarter. Only four classes, but yes, 20 credits worth of work, jam-packed into ten weeks. I just really wanted to take the next quarter of Ancient Greek and I need the 15 credits for my English major. So I'll suck it up and deal. On the plus side, I get done by two everyday and don't start class until ten. So yay there. But I was also really nervous about one class when I read the syllabus before the quarter started. The teacher sounded really strict and his base grade is a C. If you do all of your work, you can get a C. If you do interesting, insightful work you can get a B. If you do truly excellent work you can get an A. So I was wary of that one class. But it turned out that the teacher of that class is amazing. He's funny and interesting and makes class really entertaining.

But this was my first weekend with homework from classes. And it looked like I had seven or eight things to do. But I got all of them done yesterday. And I got a two page scene written for my fiction class, plus attended and wrote up one of the three Live Literature Events I have to go to at get an A. I'm wondering if maybe I really just have too much time on my hands and taking 20 credits will help me use that extra time more productively than say, play three hours of Bejeweled on Facebook. And I still have time for pleasure reading.

I hope that I'll be updating more regularly than I have been. So until next time...
Take Care


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